Kendleton Farms | Update

Since the initial post about Kendleton Farms, we've had many ask what exactly I’ll be using the money for & at first all I knew was that the immediate needs were the toilets & hot water heater,  I took a tour of Kendleton Farms this weekend to check it out. It is going to be a beautiful community, but it has a lot of work to get done in order for the building to be ready to occupy survivors. The space is huge & the needs are big!

We have adopted one of the bigger needs of the building & it's a large 3 shower, 3 stall, 3 vanity bathroom for the ladies. It's a huge undertaking & will cost roughly $10,000 to complete (new toilets, new windows, new showers, new vanities, etc.). The toilets have been purchased with the help of some amazing donors, but we still lack about $500 for the hot water heater. I’ve created a registry for the other items that we need in order to complete this room. Would you prayerfully consider donating or helping us out? All items that are purchased through the registry will be shipped directly to us so we can get it installed in the space. Here's the link:


Below is the design board for the project: 


After visiting the space, and seeing what needs to be done, I’m giving more of my time to them to help get the entire building ready to open. I’ll be adding other items to the registry weekly for other rooms, but for now our main focus is completing this bathroom. We’d greatly appreciate any help that you can give.

And we will continue taking donations if you’d rather send money via Pay Pal to

If you don't know about Elijah Rising & the work they are doing in the Houston area, I urge you to go visit their website & learn more about their efforts!