How to Pick Paint Colors


Choosing a paint color can be so daunting.  Mainly because there are only 750 billion different choices. Who knew there were 175 different shades of white? Well there are & finding the perfect color for your space can be hard, but with my help, you’ll have the best paint for your space in no time.  

Consider Your Room.

What color is the floor?  If you have a dark floor, you aren’t going to want dark walls. If your floors are beige, a bright gray probably isn’t going to look so great in the space, but a light greige would be the perfect fit.  Just because your floors are builder beige doesn’t mean you can’t have a great paint color.  Many clients think that they have to change their entire space to make the paint color work, but that’s not the truth.  Make the paint color work for your space. When we renovated our home we left the ugly floors in the powder & guest bathrooms.  It wasn’t in our budget to renovate those areas, but I chose a paint color that would work with the floors, and to be honest I don’t even notice the ugly floor anymore. How much natural light does the room get? If your room gets a lot of natural light-fabulous.  Any color you put on the wall will look lighter.  If your room doesn’t get a lot of natural light then whatever color you put on the wall is going to appear darker, so a lighter shade will work best. 

Get Samples.

Don’t simple trust the small swatches from the hardware store (or even on your computer screen), you’ve got to get the actual paint on the walls to make a choice. Find a couple of swatches that you like & get those, but also maybe get a shade lighter or darker, depending on the look you are going for. 

Put Em Up.

Once you get the samples home, get them up on the wall.  And not just on one wall.  Do large 24”x24” squares of each color on each wall in the room you are wanting to paint. Be sure to label them. Side note—don’t invite anyone over because they are going to think you are a little crazy with paint all over the place.  Also, if you are painting trim & cabinets in the room, be sure to put the color of those next to the new colors so you can see how they look together.  

Live With It.

Live with the samples up on the wall for a couple of days.  Watch each color as the natural light in the room changes. I learned this the hard way.  I was so excited when we started repainting our house.  I had the perfect gray picked out….or at least I thought.  Once the paint went up in our dining room it was blue.  Yes blue, not gray.  I hated it.  So back to the drawing board I went. I ended up getting 15 different samples of gray paint to find the perfect gray after that.  So seriously, watch the paint—-morning, noon & evening.  See how the light reflects off the paint.  Then choose your favorite. 

Now if you are wanting to paint all of your home the same color, then you’ll need to put your top choices up in each room (24”x 24” swatches on every wall in the room, just like before) to make sure they look the same & that you like them in all the rooms. 

Not sure where to start?  Download my all time favorite Sherwin Williams neutrals below. Grab these samples & get them up on your walls.  I’m sure that one of them will be the perfect choice in your home.