Christmas Playhouse Tour 2017

There is something about designing kids spaces that I LOVE...really really LOVE!  If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my kiddos playhouse a time or two on my feed.  Last Spring my dad & I designed & built a playhouse for the kids.  It's not your average playhouse because, to be honest, I'm hoping to kick them out one day & use it as my office, so it's a little larger than a normal playhouse.  Okay, so it's a one room farmhouse.  I LOVE IT so so much!  The kids spend a lot of time out there playing when the weather is cool enough & they are begging me to run electricity out there so we can put in a window unit so they can play during the Texas summers.  We shall see, sweet kids, we will see. 

Anyways, I had this grand idea to decorate the playhouse for Christmas so it could be a cute backdrop for our Christmas card pictures.  And let me just say, I want to move in it now.  I used Christmas decor that I already had on hand that we have used in our home &'s just precious.  My sister in law, Grace aka Grace Laird Photography, came by a few Saturdays ago to snap some pictures of the kids for our cards & she also snapped a few of the playhouse.  I love every single one.  

Welcome to our Christmas Playhouse 2017


On days when my kids are in the house driving me nuts, well you will find me out here hiding out. ;)  

Enjoy the outtakes of their sweet photoshoot! & Merry Christmas friends!