Holiday Home Tour 2017

It's been a month of Sundays since I've blogged.  Life has been so full & crazy busy.  I'm excited to be back & sharing our home with you for the holidays.  

I love Christmas. This holiday brings back so many wonderful memories from my childhood---renting a large van so our entire family---Granny, Poppy, my parents, aunts, uncles & all the cousins would pile in & go look at Christmas lights together.  Performing the Christmas story at church & making ornaments for our tree every year.  Christmas Eve gathering our family at my granny's.  We'd spend the day drinking apple cider, playing games, watching old home videos & eating.  Then we'd end the night opening gifts & staying up way too late.  On Christmas morning immediately after seeing all the goodies Santa had brought I'd call my other set of grandparents, Maw & Paw, & they'd make the 20 minute drive over to come see all of our gifts.  And we'd spend the rest of the day eating leftovers from Christmas Eve, napping & playing with all of our new toys.  

My mom's tree was never fussy, just full of ornaments that my brother & I made over the years.  There was never a theme for the tree & she always let us decorate it.  I loved that.  We never had to worry about breaking an ornament or messing anything up. Our tree represented us & our family.  

As an adult, I wanted the same for our tree.  Most ornaments have been collected through our marriage & the kids have made.  Nothing fussy or fancy because we aren't fancy people.  Each year I tend to do less & less with our decor.  I like keeping it pretty minimal---greenery & some pillows. Just adding those few things can really warm up the house & make it feel like Christmas.  

Welcome to our home.  If you were here, I'd make us some of my granny's apple cider and we'd sit & chat about your Christmas traditions.  


Thank yall so much for coming on this quick tour.  You can see more photos over on my Instagram feed @southernfarmhousedesigns.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas full of blessings & lots of amazing memories!  I'll see yall in 2018, friends!