Designing Women Feature-Erin Kern

I am so excited about this new series that I'm starting here on the blog.  Every Friday, I'll meet you here & we will chat with the women behind my favorite Instagram accounts.  These Designing Women are ladies who all share a love for home & design.  They may not be interior decorators or designers, but they inspire us all with their beautiful feeds where we get a little peek into their lives.  Here we will sit down with them & dig a little deeper to learn more about them-where their love of home comes from, what home means to them & a little bit about their design philosophy.  So grab a cup of coffee, tea or heck, it's Friday, grab a mimosa & let's have a little girl chat with these beautiful ladies. 

To start the series off I want to introduce to you Erin from @cottonstem I started following Erin a while ago.  Her home is stunning & I just love how real she is. Thanks to her I'm obsessed with NYX Butter Gloss & following her #CottonStemHearts creep every Thursday on Instagram.  I know you'll love getting to know Erin too! 

Southern Farmhouse Designs-Erin Kern.jpg

Share where you currently live:: Near Tulsa, Oklahoma

Share where you grew up:: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Share what home means to you:: To me, home means peace. Peace for my soul, peace for my mind, and peace for my sweet family. My husband always says that coming into our house makes him feel more relaxed, more at ease just by the vibe it puts off, and that is the ultimate goal in how I make design choices for our family home. I want my people to feel comfy and peaceful and loved...just by being at home.

Share where your love for home & design came from:: Growing up, I was always redecorating my bedroom (after saving up my tiny allowance, of course...), and I also watched my aunt create a successful interior decorating biz from the ground up, which was so super inspiring. Those experiences certainly flipped that switch inside me to create beautiful spaces, and also I just love to create. Home design and decorating is sort of like my art come to life. I'm not a painter or sculptor or hand-letterer...but I make art by playing with pretties in people's homes via e-design, and it feels so so good in my soul to CREATE!!

Share your design style & how you make it work in your home:: style changes all the time, so I'm not sure how I'd define it. Maybe French farmhouse-y cottage? Ha! I don't really try and stay in any one lane--if it inspires me and I love it, it's going down, man. It's fun to play. I get bored easily and get that desire to create and dream and make those dreams come to life through designing spaces, so my style is kinda hard to nail down with all that swirling.

Share with us your favorite room in your house: : My very favorite room in our home is our master bedroom. This is our refuge, our place of rest, our time to be just the two of us, a soft place to land after a long day caring for our four little daughters. I kept things super white and easy on the eyes, but I added visual interest with the embroidery hoop wreath wall installation...another crazy idea that just had to get out of me or I felt I'd burst! Our bedroom is simple, soft and favorite spot to be. (Close second would be my tiny she shed office, though......!!)


Do you have a design philosophy? If so, share it with us. : My design philosophy: if you love it, create it...then you'll be constantly living inside of what you love. Can't get much better than that! I absolutely don't believe in trying to fit into a set of design rules, nor do I love simply replicating another's style. Of course, there's no new idea under the sun and styles and ideas cross-pollinate, but...I believe in endeavoring to be YOU in all your design and decor choices, even if it isn't trendy at the moment, even if it is different than what seems to be popular on TV or magazines. It is beautiful because it is YOU.

Share who inspires you with their designs and why:: Honestly, my biggest design inspiration would have to be my sweet mother-in-law. She has a cozy cottage that she makes so beautiful, but most importantly, she makes design choices that welcome us to use her home. We are comfortable while there, we are relaxed and at ease, and you can tell how much she loves her people by the choices she makes in setting up her house. Plus...she changes things up constantly like me. We get each other. ;)

Isn't Erin the best?  She is just so real & I love her honestly about her design philosophy & that she doesn't play by the rules.  She does what works best for her family & that's all that matters.  

Here are all the places you can connect with Erin. 


Instagram: @cottonstem