Designing Women Feature-Erin Klawiter

I know I say this every Friday, but I'm so excited to introduce y'all to my Designing Women Feature today, Mrs. Erin Klawiter of @thriftyniftynest.  She is such a gem--the best encourager & cheerleader, hilarious as all get out, she will tell you like it is & her eye for design is just the icing on top.  You are going to love her & her beautiful home! 

Share where you currently live:: Dallas, Texas

Share where you grew up:: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Share what home means to you:: To me, it doesn't matter where we have lived, what our house looked like or the things we have or don't have. It's that smell that's uniquely your home's, the feeling when you walk into it after a long day, the safe place for everyone who's in it to be who they are, a soft spot to land.

Share where your love for home & design came from:: My mom, grandmother and aunts were all creative and all had beautifully decorated homes. We didn't have a lot of money but my mom would get creative. Long before spray painting was a craft staple, she'd paint dried greenery and use them throughout the house. She once stapled about 200 cardboard egg cartons to a wall and painted accent wall about 30 years before it's time. Of course, I thought it was embarrassing and wanted the Brady Bunch house. Now, I admire her fearless decorating!

Share your design style & how you make it work in your home:: The only style I really have is "it's got to be washable". All of my furniture has light colored fabric that can be washed or hit with a bleach pen. With three boys and a dog, it's the only way to go. As far as a certain style, my home encompasses so many. You walk into the front door and it's a little global, traditional and cottage-y (is that a word? It is now). My living room is a mixture of vintage pieces that one might classify as "farmhouse" and contemporary and colorful with art and pillows. I think of my entire house was all the same style, I'd get sick of it really quickly.

Share with us your favorite room in your house: : My favorite room? Probably my living room. It's where we watch movies, where I work on projects on my laptop, where the kids hang out while I'm cooking.

Do you have a design philosophy? If so, share it with us. : my biggest philosophy when designing a home is to stick with classic timeless elements that won't look dated any time soon. What's popular today may be the chevron or "old world" Tuscan look that was popular just a few years ago. So many clients today are wanting to go lighter and brighter after living in their dark red and gold house, which was the trend then. Even popular trends like "modern Farmhouse" or "mid century"; unless you live in an authentic mid century home or farm, those elements that make it so popular now may be "out" in the near future.

Share who inspires you with their designs and why:: Truthfully, it's every day regular women and men who aren't classically trained as designers but who are creative and talented at creating beautiful spaces in their homes. I probably use Instagram for design inspiration more than any design book I have or class I've taken. My clients are real people with families who want a pretty space but still want it to be completely liveable. Home owners who like to decorate are my muses because they live the same kinds of lifestyles as my clients.

Don't you just love Erin & her home?  If you haven't already, jump on over to her Instagram account @thriftyniftynest & start following her.  I know you'll fall in love with her & her style even more!