Designing Women Feature-Bethany Dufilho

Happy Friday y'all !  I'm so excited about today's Design Women Feature.  I met Bethany @thehouseoffigs last summer at one of Holly Mathis' design classes.  Bethany is a breath of fresh air.  She is sweet as she can be & her design style is on point.  I know you are going to love her & her beautiful home. Grab your drink of choice & enjoy! 

Share where you currently live:: Katy, TX

Share where you grew up:: I'm an army brat, so I moved 13 times growing up!

Share what home means to you:: Home to me means comfort; it means family and belonging. Its a safe-haven, a place of rest and rejuvenation. Its also a place for taking risks! For experimentation and pushing boundaries, expressing creativity and testing out new ideas. At its best it energizes and refreshes, it invites and it inspires.

Share where your love for home & design came from:: Because we moved so much growing up, there was never time to worry about the "perfect" placement of the furniture or photos on the walls. If we hesitated even a few months, we might move again before we'd ever fully moved in! So my mother never wasted any time in making any rental house, duplex, or apartment we were in feel like "home." There were always curtains hung and and pictures on the walls within a week or two of moving in. She wasn't relying on trends or buying all new furniture every time. She was using what we had in a new way and making it work, sometimes sewing new curtains or buying just a few new accessories. My sense of home and stability depended on my mother's resourcefulness and practicality and I didn't even realize it at the time! Years later when I became a stay at home mom to our oldest son, I found myself rearranging the furniture in our house, playing with the pictures on the wall, and painting and repainting. Creating home became a hobby for me.

Share your design style & how you make it work in your home:: I have an appreciation for so many design styles! But I think my favorite is a modern farmhouse look. In our own home I combine old and new, mixing straight modern lines with more traditional or rustic pieces. But I live in a 90s builder grade suburban home so I would never go full out shiplap & wood beams! I have to make it work with what I've got and for me that meant painting the tuscan orange walls white, putting in wood floors, and a classic white backsplash in the kitchen.

Share with us your favorite room in your house: : I love our living room. We don't have a huge house and this is the heart of the home. Its small enough to feel cozy but big enough to host the occasional crowd. The couch is so old and I dream about replacing it all the time but its just sort of got this well worn pair of jeans feeling now. We have 3 kids and the five of us fit so well piled on it for movie nights or Great British Baking Show marathons. The bookcases aren't just for decoration, although I do love the colors all those books bring to the room! When storage is both functional and beautiful its the best combination and what you can't see are all the baskets of toys on the two lower shelves. This room turns into a playroom pretty quickly some days!


Do you have a design philosophy? If so, share it with us. : The tagline on my blog is "decorating with beauty and purpose." I've never been one for tchotchkes or having stuff just for the sake of stuff. I like the minimalist trend, though with three kids and a husband it would never be possible for me! Truly though, I just love the idea of only using things in your home that you find to be beautiful or useful. I know its been said a million times before, but I think there's a reason- it just works so well.

Share who inspires you with their designs and why:: When I first got into decorating as a hobby, it was The Nester, Myquillin Smith ( who gave me the freedom to take risks and be creative. Her philosophy is "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" which is just so freeing, isn't it? As a recovering perfectionist I found joy in realizing I could make choices for my home without fear. I could paint rooms, put nail holes in the walls, and stencil on curtains. It was my house and no one could tell me what to do. It was so freeing and in doing that I found my creativity and nurtured my sense of style.  
I also love Holly Mathis- her use of classic and timeless finishes, beautiful fabrics, and unexpected unique wow pieces is incredible.
Lauren Liess has always been an inspiration as well. She is a master with subtle color and texture.

You can find Bethany online at:

Instagram: @thehouseoffigs