Online Design: How it Works Part 2

Last week we talked about the basics of getting started with me and my online design process.  From submitting the initial get started form, to choosing your package, your client portal, design agreement, invoicing & taking photos & measurements of the space.  Once we've gotten all of those things done then I get to work creating a custom design for your space.  

When I first start on a design project I make a mental list of must haves that the space needs to have...basics that will easily warm the space up--curtains & rugs.  I jot down any initial ideas that I have about the space, so I have them when it's time to start shopping. Then I look at the flow of the room--could it be set up differently to maximize the space?  I play around with the floor plan to see what works & what doesn't. And then I stalk your Pinterest/Houzz boards.  I use those images to get an idea of your taste & the feel you'd like to see in your space.  

Once I've made all my notes & got an initial idea in my head then I start on the first draft of design boards.  With the first round of your design board, I put a few options of everything on it--a couple of rugs, different style lamps, different styles of furniture.  I want to let you choose those first few pieces to make sure I'm working in the right direction.  I spent at least 3-4 hours per design board draft scoring the internet for the best pieces for your space. You'll receive each round of design boards via your client portal.  With each round you get to send me feedback on things that you like & dislike about that you see.  The more feedback you give me the better.  Don't worry about hurting my feelings during this part of the process, the more I hear from you the better I'll be able to get exactly what you are wanting.  

Example Round 1 Draft

This example was for a client who needed wall art for their playroom, a statement piece of art for their living room & a design for the husband's home office. 

Example Round 2 Draft

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 3.13.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 3.13.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 3.14.02 PM.png

You & I will go back & forth a lot during this design process.  You'll get roughly 3-4 rounds of rough design boards before we make a finalized plan.  We will also be looking at your budget during this time as well.  There may be some things you are willing to splurge a little bit on in your space & we may have to find other items that cost a little less to offset any splurges.  Even if there are things you'd like to be able to buy for the space, but maybe your budget doesn't allow for it just yet, I'll leave them on your board, so that you are able to purchase them when the time comes & you're ready.  

Once I get all the final touches put on the board I send it over to you via your client portal.  Your board will include: floor plan options, all of the items & accessories you need to purchase to transform your space, along with styling notes & tips. You get to review the board, sign off on it & then start shopping for your space.  The great thing about each design board is that each image that I send over is linked to it's source, so you can start shopping right away.  I really is so easy for you. 

Example of Final Design Board with Floor Plan/Budget & Costs

Online design  is really the best of both worlds.  I get to do what I love helping you turn your house into a home.  You get the look of a designer without paying all the high prices. You get to work as your budget allows and at your own pace. I'm only an email, text or phone call away with any questions you have about the space until you get it just like you want it.  

Do you have a space that needs some love?  Do you have plans for a space, but you just don't have the time to shop & put a plan together?   I would absolutely love to help you get those plans & turn them into a reality.  I'll do all the hard work for you.  I'm currently booking for the Fall.