Must Haves: Rugs

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by the blog! We're starting a monthly "Must Haves" post highlighting all our home essentials and this month we're featuring rugs. Rugs are a biggie! They're so important to have in your home for many reasons. Sure, shopping for rugs online can be tricky and trying to haul one home from the store in all it's big, bulky glory isn't always easy. Trust us when we say it's worth it!! Rugs are like the main ingredient in a recipe: it's the key element but you add all these yummy, delicious pieces to tie it all together. Rugs pull colors from your furniture, they add a cozy element, they add texture, they give your feet a soft place to walk on and they make a space feel more inviting.

Here at SFD, we love neutral rugs that have lots of texture! Texture can be the material it's made of such as jute and sisal, a subtle pattern or even fringe and tassels. We sourced a variety of rugs that we'd love in our homes (Larson actually has rug #2 under her dining table) for y'all to look at and they're all linked for purchase through Boutique Rugs. To make it even better, Boutique Rugs is having a HUGE Labor Day sale! Use code LABOR45 to take 45% off everything and check out their 70% off clearance section! Head over to Boutique Rugs start shopping for your dream rug at a dream price!

*Some affiliate links were used on this blog post, which means that we make a small commission from your purchase (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting Southern Farmhouse Designs in this way!*

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