How to Create a Simple & Classic Fall Table

Have you been searching Pinterest for beautiful Fall tablescapes for your next dinner party, but end up feeling overwhelmed?  There is so much gorgeous inspiration out there, but many times, myself included, I find the inspiration but the thought of putting it all together seems impossible, so I quit before I even get started.  I can't be the only one...right?  Please tell me I'm not the only one pinning things that I will never actually do.  

My motto the past few years on decorating for all holidays & events has been keep it simple & classic.  I'm going to walk you through some simple and easy ways to throw together a gorgeous table on the cheap for your next get together.  


Everyone always wants to start with the centerpiece of the table, but I'm starting with the table setting & these are something you should always have on hand.  If you don't, you need to get a few things: classic white plates, neutral chargers & cloth napkins.  You can get classic white plates from Target, Wal-Mart or your local thrift stores. You can mix & match different white plates.  The chargers-- I always have neutral chargers on hand so they will work with any table I'm creating.  I have a set of natural woven ones from Ikea & I found the ones in the images at Tuesday Morning for $4 each.  Lastly, cloth napkins are a must.  I have one set of white napkins from Home Goods & also grabbed some from the Target Dollar Spot & Ikea always has a great selection too.  (**Note** I am not one to iron my napkins after I wash them, so if you're like me, then just bunch them up & tie some burlap string around them & no one will know that you didn't iron them ). I'm a big proponent for staying neutral with these items because you can use them for other holidays & get togethers --BAM--I've got you saving money already!


Now for the fun part--the centerpiece. Again, keep it simple too.  Use things that you already have on hand.  Here are things that I always have on hand in my house & they always help to create the perfect centerpieces--tablerunner or bread boards, brass candlesticks, antlers & greenery from our yard.    You can always find cute table runners in the Target Dollar Spot or if you have any bread boards on hand those work great too. If you don't have either, don't fret.  You don't have to have them, I promise.  Candle sticks are a must & the best part...they don't have to match!  Grab all the different styles & sizes & heights.  This will add a ton of interest to your table.  You can find them all over your local thrift stores for next to nothing!! You may not be an antler person & that's fine.  I love the texture & rusticness it adds to our table.  And the greenery...from your yard. Find a bush & clip away. Then add in your Fall touches---pumpkins, apples, pears.  I've had these Hobby Lobby pumpkins for a few years now & I love them. Again, they are neutral, but that's how I roll.   Layer, layer, layer all of these items to make it work.  


Seriously y'all, don't over think it.  There is no need for fancy, or extravagant spending.  Keep it simple & classic, but most important don't stress. Less is more in my opinion & the less time it takes to put together the better.  The most important thing with any dinner table is to enjoy time with the people around it. Putting forth a little effort to make it looks nice is just one way to make your guest feel welcome & loved.  


Call your friends & set a date to have them over.  Take these few tips & put them to use & share your pictures with on my FB page or on Instagram---tag SFD & use the hashtag #SFDFALLTABLE  I cannot wait to see what you put together.