Thank you so much for your interest in the SFD  Room Challenge.  I want this to be super fun & simple for everyone involved.  My goal through this challenge is #1 to get some projects that I've been needing to finish around my own house complete (nothing like a public challenge to hold me accountable).

The challenge is simple---one room per month from June-August. If you missed our June challenge, no worries, pick right up with us for our July challenge.  We launch on July 3rd & your reveal will be July 31st.  It can be as simple as organizing your closet or pantry, painting a space, adding new accessories.  I know my first room will be my master bedroom & I'm adding new bedding & curtains.  Nothing crazy, but I know it will make a big impact on the space.  

If you are up for the challenge & want to join me then sign up below, so I know you are participating. I can't wait to see your transformation! 

Thank you again!  I'm excited to get started!