Getting Started: What Design Services Should You Offer?

When starting your design business, if you are anything like me, you’ll have a ton of different ideas of what services you’ll offer your clients. I have to say this, just because Suzy’s Design Studio is offering a particular service doesn’t mean you have to.  I thought that I had to offer everything that the other design firms in my area were offering to be able to start & stay in business…haha what a joke.  These firms have been in business for years & it’s not fair to try to compete with them.  You are just starting out, so make a list of services that you can offer now as a beginning firm.  And while you are at it, go ahead & dream of what you’d like to be able to offer 10 years from now & keep that list tucked away.  


E-Design- If you are a stay at home mom with limited hours because you are working to take care of little ones, then this may be a perfect fit for you.  You can work with your clients via the comfort of your home, when your little ones are sleeping.  This is where I started.  I still offer e-design services to clients.  No matter their location, I can help them create spaces they love via online design.  

Premade Design Boards-You can create design boards for rooms & sale them digitally on your website for a minimal fee. These are great because you can sell these over & over again.  

Design Consultations—Design consultations are another great way to help clients.  You can offer to go into your client’s home for a certain amount of time & give them design advice for their spaces & answer any questions they have.  This is a great way to help clients use what they already have in their home to help pull their space together.  With these consultations you can also offer creating your client design boards after your initial visit for a fee. These boards are a place where you can put design inspiration for them, source items for their space, create a floor plan for them, color palettes, and the list goes on & on. My recommendation is to get paid upfront for these consultations.  I have my client's pay me for the 2 hour consult in order to secure their spot on my calendar.  

Full Service Design—Offering Full Service Designs is a big undertaking.  Full Service Design includes your initial consultation, floor plans, sourcing furniture & accessories, purchasing, scheduling delivery & installing all of the items.  It doesn’t seem like a lot at first, but you must think about having the drapery, hanging all of the artwork, moving in all the furniture.  You’ll need business insurance for this service, for sure.  To be honest, I don’t know a ton about full service design becauseI’m not there yet in my business. I hope to one day, but for right now between kid schedules & other obligations I’m not offering full service design.  

Other services you might be interested in offering would be:

Holiday Decorating

Event Styling

Room or Spot Styling (Like mantels, porches, tablescapes, etc)

The list is endless, but I recommend that you do what you can now.  Your services can change as you & your business change.  I can tell you that since being in business, I’ve changed my offerings at least 5-7 times.  With each new season that life brings, it seems that I offer things that fit with my schedule.  

If you haven't already, be sure to download my Getting Starting Business Checklist. You'll get access to it & very soon, I'll be sending you a video series of pricing, how to create design boards for free & lots more that you aren't going to want to miss!