Getting Started: One Big Dream

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Jumping in to anything new can be scary.  I know, I've been there. Leaving my small hometown to live the city life in Houston was probably one of the scariest things I've ever done.  But you know what?  Had I not done it, I wouldn't have met my husband. I wouldn't have 2 beautiful kiddos, and  I wouldn't be sitting behind this computer screen sharing with you how to take your big scary dreams & turn them into a reality.  

I'm a dreamer.  I have big big dreams.  Some I verbalize & get an eye roll & side smile from my husband & others are tucked away in my heart.  You see, for years I had a dream of working for myself & doing what I loved--decorating.  It has always been something that I loved.  I never told anyone my dream for a long time, because #1 my parent's paid good money for me to go to Texas A&M (WHOOP!) to get my teaching degree, #2 because I really didn't think I could actually make a business by being a decorator.  I have, no strike that, HAD no business sense whatsoever.  And after Matt & I got married we quickly got pregnant & started our family, so I had no time.  But God didn't let that flame of starting my own business die, He just said not yet.  

Fast forward 4 years & we were getting ready to move our family to a little piece of property outside of Houston.  Matt couldn't see the potential of the house we were looking at, but I knew I could turn it into our dream house.  And renovating this home, is what really set my soul on fire to live this dream.  But I spent a few years after we moved in scared to death to jump in.  Now, it wasn't the right time because our littlest was only a year and half old, but I was paralyzed by fear of failure.  I couldn't even dream about it because my fear was so crippling.  Matt, he is a business man.  He runs his family's business & is so savy when it comes to all the things.  I was scared to look like a fool in front of him.  Scared that I would start & it just wouldn't pan out for me.  I was scared that people wouldn't like my work, that people wouldn't pay me to do what I loved, that I would mess up my kids ( I know, how crazy does that sound), that I would just flat out suck at this whole decorating thing.  I know full well that Satan used my fears to get a hold of me & my mind to keep me from doing one of the things that God has called me to do in my life.  

It wasn't until a very sweet sweet friend kept asking me when I was going to start my business.  She had all the faith in the world in me.  And you know what, if you start listening to the people in your life that believe in you, you start to believe the words that they say.  Jessie never let me forget what my dream was.  She gently pushed me along the way to get me started.  Now, all that fear wasn't gone just because of one friend, but her push & lots & lots of prayers made me jump head first into business.  I jumped in with all my fears & insecurities & knew that no matter what God had me.  

I don't know what's holding you back, but I'm sure fear is part of it.  I'm here to tell you that once you jump in, fears & all, you'll look back a year from now & wonder why you were so scared.  Cause friend, it's a sweet, hard but oh so fun ride once you dive in.  

Write down any fears you have about starting your business.  Then take that paper & shred it, because God's got something amazing for you, if you'll just let them go.  It's not going to easy, but it will be worth it, I'm sure of it.  I'm shredding my fears to because if I'm going to be honest with you, then I have to let you know that pressing publish on this post will be another scary thing for me. I don't have all the answers & I'm not going to pretend to, but I want to walk along side you & cheer you on in this journey, because if I can do it, you can too! 

And after you shred your fears, go ahead & start brainstorming your business name, cause you'll need it soon!